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Automated Payables Solutions

 Automated Payables Solution (APS)


Maximize the ROI of your AP Department Through Cheque Elimination


As businesses expand their global reach, there’s an inherent need to pay domestic and international vendors in a seamless and effective manner.  80% of larger organizations expect to convert to electronic payments during the next 3 years while most organizations still make 70% of their payments by cheques. 


Cambridge Mercantile’s APS allows corporations to eliminate cheques, process all payments through one single file and achieve the potential of revenue rebates – ALL without draining AP resources.





Achieve 75% conversion from paper to electronic within 90 days


Watch how APS can streamline your vendor payment processing with one single file for all payment types with any remittance format requirements while settling out of multiple bank accounts. 


It’s no secret that AP and shared service environments spend considerable time and financial resources managing and maintaining their cheque-based payables environment, yet have you ever determined how much it costs your company to produce and deliver one cheque? 


We do the heavy lifting, so you can realize bottom line savings and potential rebate revenues


With APS, our proven, six step process brings vendor payments full circle. The APS team handles the entire process of vendor conversion from A to Z which includes:


• launching the vendor engagement program with a branded marketing initiative
• removing the risk of payment error
• delivering remittance information to your vendors in their preferred format & through their preferred delivery channel


Going paperless means improved efficiencies and significant cost savings for your Accounts Payables Department

Through the APS framework, corporations adopt a unique approach to single stream payables processing that their AP departments can use to drive growth effectively.


Discover how the underlying efficiencies of APS can allow your organization to…