International Payment Processing

Cambridge has built a world-class trading operation that is renowned for its innovation and exemplary service. Our extensive selection of products and services, supported by leading-edge technologies, are tailored to support the unique way your business operates.

Payment and Settlement Flexibility

Cambridge provides the flexibility of making wire, EFT, draft, check or bill payments, with settlement options ranging from spot deals, standing orders and forward contracts, to cash letters and collections.

Currency Capabilities

We are pleased to offer settlement options in over 150 different currencies, including assistance with the associated regulatory disclosures and remittance. We also provide real-time SWIFT copies, allowing you to ensure your funds arrive on time and without complications.

Automated Payables Solutions: The Power of Paperless

Going paperless in your AP environment can yield significant, immediate cost savings while mitigating your exposure to internal or external fraud. Our proven electronic enablement process assists companies in the reduction of traditional check payments, and is supported by technology that allows your business partners to efficiently enroll their payment details in a secure portal. Vendors can select their payment remittance format and delivery preferences for Cambridge to facilitate on your behalf.

APS Calculator

Find out how much your organization can save when you convert from paper to electronic payments. Enter the number of checks your organization pays to vendors per month:

For 1,000 cheques per month, your Annual Savings with APS will be:
Monthly Costs:
Individual Cheque Cost:
Your Annual Net Benefit with APS:

Reduce AP Costs and Drive ROI with our Check Elimination Solution

Integration and Control

APS works seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, while allowing you to retain full ownership of all data.

Preferred Remittance

Vendors receive remittance information in their preferred format, through their favored delivery channel.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating checks reduces cost, with little disruption to your AP resources.

Supplier Acceptance

Our Card First program allows for maximum electronic card-based payment adoption, with a BackStop for those who cannot accept card payments.

Revenue Sharing

Earn monthly cash rebates on card-based payments that are successfully converted from checks.

Our Solution

We endeavor to convert 75% of targeted checks to electronic payments in just 90 days.

Cambridge Online

Our award-winning trading platform enables you to manage your global payments from a single point of access. With file upload capabilities and no software to install, you have the freedom and security of 24/7 global access.

Seamless Integration

  • File upload capabilities
  • ERP Integration
  • Schedule Payments
  • Document attachment
  • Real-time SWIFT confirmations

Customer Service

  • Multi-user access and approval
  • Customizable reporting tools
  • Online investigations and resolution
  • Vendor advice notifications
  • Dedicated account team

Payment Solutions

  • Multi-currency holding accounts
  • Cash letters and collections
  • Multiple settlement options
  • SEPA payments
  • In-country payments

Global Capabilities

  • Mass payment processing
  • Multi-enterprise authentication
  • IBAN validation
  • 24/7 access and deal initiation

Flexible Account Management

  • Flexible fees and solutions
  • Business reviews
  • Product updates
  • Best practice strategies

Cambridge360: One file for all your payment needs

Integrating with your ERP, Accounting or Treasury Management System, Cambridge360 for bulk file payment processing is one of the most flexible file transfer systems in the industry. Through Cambridge360 you can automate all payment types in a single file format native to your system.

You can use Cambridge360 to simplify integration with your own system using Secure File Transfer Protocol, a direct web services connection via an Application Programming Interface call. We map your current file format and convert it for upload to Cambridge Online, letting you schedule file transfers, send remittance details in multiple formats and delivery types and even place controls and set approvals for payment releases.

Multi-Enterprise Solution

Our robust and highly customizable Multi-Enterprise Solution has been designed to provide real-time global account access and visibility into global cash flows. Various users, departments and even entities can have individual levels of permissions and control over deal processing, adding additional levels of comfort and security to critical financial functions at every level of your organization.

This solution is ideal for consolidating payments and collections, allowing users to virtually review and approve deals, generate reports and seamlessly share accounts and beneficiaries.

E4X: Global eCommerce Payments

Cambridge harnesses leading-edge technology to provide payment networks that connect buyers with sellers while also mitigating risk and reducing cost. Our suite of eCommerce solutions allows merchants, marketplaces and communities to take advantage of global expansion opportunities when they arise. Our platforms integrate seamlessly with some of the largest and most innovative payment processors and aggregators, providing an efficient and effective solution to meet the growing needs of global eCommerce.

We help expand our partners’ geographic reach and ability to accept multiple currencies with mass payment, card, EFT, wire and alternative payment methods. We are proud to help our partners globalize their eCommerce payments while establishing fixed settlement amounts and increasing checkout conversion through the use of multi-currency pricing, holding services and mass payouts.

Global Payments

Our global banking footprint allows us to enable our eCommerce partners to reduce operational costs, simplify their business and meet complex regulatory requirements to better serve their own customers. Ask us how we can help expand your global capabilities, improve services, reduce processing errors and lower costs on your cross-border payments.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Our unique eCommerce platform delivers multi-currency pricing solutions to merchants, helping to build revenue streams for cross-border payments. This can help you simplify deployment and maximize operational efficiency while managing the risks associated with settlement, chargeback, reporting and reconciliation.

Multi-Currency Holding

Our eCommerce partners are able to hold funds in multiple currencies and locations, allowing them to manage and disburse them at their convenience while meeting challenging regulatory and compliance requirements. In addition, this allows you to increase checkout conversion and generate additional revenue by localizing prices.

Risk Management

We help our eCommerce partners evaluate, manage and hedge currency risk through a collaborative process. We develop and execute strategies that are specifically designed for your specific business needs.

Financial Institutions

Cambridge simplifies how financial institutions like yours connect with markets. Whether you are a correspondent bank, a commercial bank, a community bank or credit union, our award-winning team and online platform deliver the high-performance solutions you need to provide exceptional customer service to your clients or members.

White Labeled Solutions

Your Financial Institution can harness our leading edge technology and ‎extensive global banking footprint by white labeling Cambridge Online. Your customers will experience our enhanced capabilities through a system that carries your unique brand.

Seamless Integration

Our system integrates with a number of leading suppliers of wire services, allowing you to securely plug in to your clients’ existing payment process, from initiation through to processing, retrieval, review and settlement. We also provide comprehensive onsite or Internet-based training and implementation for your staff.

Why your Financial Institution should connect with Cambridge

Simplify your operations and save on resources with our single, fully automated system.
Offer multi-currency holding balances to your commercial customers.
Access transaction and sanction checking, as well as RegE disclosures.

Private Client Solutions

Cambridge is pleased to offer a suite of solutions specifically tailored to private clients in the U.K. and Europe. We provide competitive rates, the very best online payment platform and a dedicated account manager to work with you in customizing our solutions to your own requirements. We provide fast and affordable ways to make foreign exchange payments, whether they are regular overseas transfers or a one-time purchase. To find out more about how we can meet your needs, please contact our Private Client Desk in London, at

Click here to Become a Client under our Private Client Division.

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