Payment Technologies

Cambridge has built a world-class trading operation that is renowned for its innovation and exemplary service. Our extensive selection of products and services, supported by leading-edge technologies, are tailored to support the unique way your business operates.

Payment and Settlement Flexibility

Cambridge provides the flexibility of making wire, EFT, draft, check or bill payments, with settlement options ranging from spot deals, standing orders and forward contracts, to cash letters and collections.

Currency Capabilities

We are pleased to offer settlement options in over 140 different currencies, including assistance with the associated regulatory disclosures and remittance. We also provide real-time SWIFT copies, allowing you to ensure your funds arrive on time and without complications.

Intuitive User Experience

  • Easy and accessible functionality enabled by leading technology
  • Compatible with modern web browsers on PCs and tablets
  • Extensive online help and customer support available

Powerful Data Validation

  • Confirms payments data meets banking and regulatory guidelines for multiple currencies and channels
  • Comprehensive database of banking and regulatory rules

Robust Integration

  • Full suite of APIs to enhance your in-house system with payment and data validation capabilities
  • Customizable upload and return file capability easily integrates with your ERP or accounting system

Link API

Integration is at the forefront today in the payments industry and Cambridge Link has been architected with this in mind. We enable our partners to build advanced global payments capabilities on their own platforms using our robust RESTful API.

Link Balance

Link Balance enables you to store value in the currency of your choice saving you time and money in maintaining bank accounts around the world. Link Balance can be used to securely pay and receive money from vendors and other business partners. Moving money between your Link Balances is instantaneous and free.

ePayables Solution

ePayables Solution: The Power of Paperless

Going paperless in your AP environment can yield significant, immediate cost savings while mitigating your exposure to internal or external fraud. Our proven electronic enablement process assists companies in the reduction of traditional check payments, and is supported by technology that allows your business partners to efficiently enroll their payment details in a secure portal. Vendors can select their payment remittance format and delivery preferences for Cambridge to facilitate on your behalf.

Download our case study to learn how our proven ePayables solution enabled one company to go paperless.

ePayables Calculator

Find out how much your organization can save when you convert from paper to electronic payments. Enter the number of checks your organization pays to vendors per month:

For 1,000 checks per month, your Annual Savings with APS will be:
Monthly Costs:
Individual Check Cost:
Your Annual Net Benefit with APS:

Reduce AP Costs and Drive ROI with our Check Elimination Solution

Integration and Control

ePayables works seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, while allowing you to retain full ownership of all data.

Preferred Remittance

Vendors receive remittance information in their preferred format, through their favored delivery channel.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating checks reduces cost, with little disruption to your AP resources.

Supplier Acceptance

Our Card First program allows for maximum electronic card-based payment adoption, with a BackStop for those who cannot accept card payments.

Revenue Sharing

Earn monthly cash rebates on card-based payments that are successfully converted from checks.

Our Solution

We endeavor to convert 75% of targeted checks to electronic payments in just 90 days.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are some of the most dynamic and fastest-growing economies in the world. Cambridge has a dedicated business unit to help you overcome the enormous challenges they present when making local currency payments.


Our new Emerging and Frontier Markets team offers full-service corporate foreign exchange with the ability to seamlessly reach difficult markets efficiently and effectively.


Our Emerging and Frontier Markets team has over 25 years of experience providing organizations with innovative solutions for international payments.

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In-Country Delivery

We offer flexible and efficient in-country options, including third-party payment capability, with no minimum or maximum transaction amounts and all-inclusive prices. Our dedicated middle-office operations and investigations teams strive to ensure seamless payment processing to every part of the globe.

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Currency Liquidity

Cambridge is proud to offer market-making capabilities in more than 130 exotic currencies. We have extensive knowledge of the complex dynamics that drive exchange rates in some of the world’s most illiquid markets, and we provide regular analysis on developments that could affect trading conditions.

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Local Regulatory Knowledge

We have specialized knowledge of country-specific foreign exchange regulatory requirements for making payments and ensuring compliance with anti-money-laundering best practices.

Available Currencies

We offer an extensive range of more than 140 currencies, with no cumbersome limits on your minimum or maximum transaction amounts.

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