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Spotlight with Gemma Matthews
Supervisor, UK Operations

Lauren Coughlan December 20, 2017

How long have you been at Cambridge and how long have you worked in this industry I’ve been at Cambridge 11 years – and this is my first job... read more

Spotlight with Ayodele Akinfenwa
Junior Compliance Assistant, UK

Lauren Coughlan December 15, 2017

How long have you been at Cambridge and how long have you worked in this industry I've been working here in the London office for 2 years... read more

Q&A with Daniil Saiko Part II
Team Lead, Pre-Sales and Technical Implementation

Don Curren December 14, 2017

What sort of issues do companies in our biggest verticals face with regard to straight-through processing I think one good example would be in... read more

Spotlight with Kirsty Coughlan
Senior Compliance Manager, UK

Lauren Coughlan December 7, 2017

How long have you been with Cambridge and how long have you worked in the industry I started Cambridge in January 2016 after having worked in... read more

Regulation Can Be an Inspiration for Innovation

Daniil Saiko November 28, 2017

Although I am not a lawyer, and my legal training ended with two corporate law classes years ago in university, regulation of technology is a... read more

Q&A with Ricardo Faillace
Managing Director, Emerging Markets

Don Curren November 14, 2017

Q: The task of the FXEM group is essentially getting money to people in very challenging environments Can you tell me how the process works and what... read more


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