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Q&A with Colin Mitchell, Director of Risk Management Solutions, USA
Part Two

Don Curren November 30, 2018

Q How would you describe the corporate culture at Cambridge and how does it play into our ability to offer a more tailored service than the... read more

Q&A with Colin Mitchell, Director of Risk Management Solutions, USA
Part One

Don Curren November 23, 2018

Q Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – what you did before Cambridge and what attracted you to the company A Originally, I got into... read more

Foreign Exchange Hedging– Forward contract vs Forward Extra

Darryl Hood November 22, 2018

With increased levels of economic and political uncertainty, foreign currency markets can be volatile and unpredictable For importers and exporters... read more

Honoured to Win the ITIJ 2018 Award for Specialist Service Provider of the Year

Cambridge Global Payments November 7, 2018

Cambridge Global payments was honoured to receive the prestigious Specialist Provider of the Year Award at the 16th annual ITIJ Awards ceremony in... read more

Q&A with Darryl Hood, Director for FX Risk Management, UK
Part Two

Don Curren November 2, 2018

Q Would you say that comprehensive offering of products and the quality of service are the main distinguishing characteristics of Cambridge A I... read more

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