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New jobs data comes as a shock

Published on BIV Today Podcast December 10, 2018

Market strategist Sean Coakley (0:49) with Cambridge Global Payments breaks down record-breaking employment data from Statistics Canada in a discussion with Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton. Listen to the podcast here:

Alberta Employment Grows Despite Oil Plunge

Published on CBC Radio One December 10, 2018

“There is a chance given that the geographic nature of Calgary being the headquarters of corporate Alberta that corporate organizations in Alberta are actually continuing to invest, increase their payrolls because they have different expectations than most market forecasters.” said Sean Coakley, a market analyst at Cambridge, in an interview with CBC Radio One about job growth in Alberta. Listen to it here:

Dollar weak as jobs report disappoints

Published on Reuters December 7, 2018

“This was slightly disappointing on the headline level, but wage growth coming in as expected keeps the Fed on track to raise rates in December,” said Karl Schamotta, chief market strategist at Cambridge Global Payments in Toronto, in an interview with Reuters. “The overall effect has been a sell-off in the dollar, largely in a reaction to a lower expectation for rate hikes in 2019.” Read the full article here:

Canadian dollar is at a low altitude following Bank of Canada’s dovish tone

Published on BNN Bloomberg December 6, 2018

Karl Schamotta, director of FX Research at Cambridge Global Payments, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his outlook for the Canadian dollar and the Bank of Canada. Watch the video here:

USMCA is not a reason to be dancing on the streets

Published on CBC Radio One December 3, 2018

“This is certainly not something to be dancing in the streets about,” says Karl Schamotta in an interview with CBC Radio One. Listen to it here:

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