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Netflix’s Failure With Hedging Provides Lessons For Digital Players July 30, 2018

What’s good for the US dollar was not good for Netflix in the second quarter, and the company’s experience (or lack thereof) with currency... read more

How transparent are your international payments?

Corinne MacMillan July 26, 2018

How transparent are your international payments As an organisation you face regular challenges – the transparency of your international payments... read more

Spotlight with Syed Gilani, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, Toronto

Michelle Lee July 24, 2018

Tell me about your role at Cambridge I am the Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis I oversee the planning segment of the business, the... read more

SWIFT codes, IBAN numbers and routing codes simplified

Mustafa Jichi July 12, 2018

An easy-to-understand breakdown of the different banking codes needed for making international payments… If you’re sending international... read more

Cambridge Global: Trimming Away The Hedging Myths July 10, 2018

If life were a game, it would be titled … “Risk” So, too, would the game of business, conducted on the international stage Though some of us... read more

3 forward contract uses to diversify your hedging strategy

Darryl Hood July 5, 2018

A closer look at the ever-popular forward contracts and the different ways to use them… According to a 2016 survey by Deloitte, 92% of... read more

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