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Real estate resilient during COVID-19 but CMHC warns about debt’s effect

Published on Yahoo Finance Canada May 21, 2020

Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments, says since Siddall’s term is coming to a close at the end of the year, his words should be taken with a grain of salt. Schamotta sees two possibilities.

“Siddall could be right, and we see a price drop that depresses growth and generates major headwinds for the Canadian dollar, or – just as in 2008 – policymakers could blink and inject enough cash to stabilize prices and kick the can further down the road,” said Schamotta.

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May retail market: Historic US sales drop in April; 9 companies go bankrupt

Published on S&P Global Market Intelligence May 19, 2020

“With social distancing, lockdown and travel measures in effect across most states during the whole month of April, the report is the first in the series to capture the full impact on the retail sector,” Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments, said to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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Powell: Fed not looking at negative rates

Published on Reuters May 13, 2020

“In saying that the FOMC’s position ‘has not changed, this is not something we’re looking at,’ Mr. Powell clearly shelved the prospect of negative rates for now. Market participants will look for enhanced forward guidance and more explicit forms of yield curve control at the June meeting,” commented Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist, to Reuters.

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Coping with COVID-19: What markets expect of the pandemic recovery

Published on BIV May 12, 2020

Cambridge Global Payments’ Chief Market Strategist Karl Schamotta discusses the markets, the expected global recovery and why investors should expect the unexpected. He also shares why data from China’s recovery can’t be extrapolated and applied elsewhere.

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Incoming Bank of Canada governor saw ‘stop-start’ recovery after lockdown

Published on Reuters May 11, 2020

“Mr. Macklem brings a lot of Mark Carney-like capabilities to the Bank,” said Karl Schamotta, chief market strategist at Cambridge Global Payments. “His international connections give him insight into and influence over developments in other areas of the global financial system.”

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