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Impact of Fed Powell’s speech on the AUD/USD

Published on ausbiz August 27, 2020

Craig Killaby from Cambridge Global Payments takes Ausbiz through the moves of the AUD prior to the Fed Chair’s speech, saying the market anticipates the Fed to change strategy on monetary policy and inflation.

Watch the video here.

Dollar rises, euro falls as global turbulence grows

Published on Reuters August 21, 2020

“Clearly the PMI numbers this morning suggest that Europe is losing a little momentum here and that we’re seeing some turbulence in other areas of the global economy. So that is weighing on the performance gap between the U.S. and its major counterparts,” said Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments.

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Why the dollar matters

Published on AXIOS August 20, 2020

“By issuing the world’s reserve currency, the United States has acquired an ‘exorbitant privilege’ — it can rely upon practically unlimited demand for its debt and borrow in global markets without fearing an exchange rate shock,” Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments, tells Axios.

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Markets will welcome Finance Minister Freeland as she is committed to supporting the middle class: Strategist

Published on BNN Bloomberg August 18, 2020

Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist, Cambridge Global Payments, joined BNN Bloomberg to discuss his outlook on the markets as well as the implications of Chrystia Freeland as the new finance minster.

Watch the video here.

Canada Finance Minister Steps Down Amid Charity Uproar

Published on The Wall Street Journal August 18, 2020

Financial markets will likely take the resignation in stride, according to Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments. That being said, he added, “it’s hard to deny that turnover in such a critical job at such a critical time poses a threat to Canada’s economic recovery.”

Mr. Schamotta said that regardless of who becomes the new Canadian finance minister, “major policy shifts are unlikely—Canada’s commitment to fiscal spending will remain firm.”

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Dollar weakens as U.S. stimulus impasse undermines

Published on Reuters August 12, 2020

“Certainly that (stalemate) has weighed on growth prospects for the U.S.,” said Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments in Toronto. “Markets have had to downgrade expectations with respect to the size of the stimulus package that will be hammered out.”

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