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The New Integration Equation: XaaS = Anything as a Service

Daniil Saiko April 15, 2019

Integration is one of the key objectives of the digital revolution The reason is simple - sharing data and ways of manipulating data are among the... read more

What on earth is API?
A guide to what it is and isn’t for a person who has never seen a command line

Daniil Saiko September 11, 2018

Many business news sources are crowded these days with articles and white papers on integrations, digital transformations and other technology... read more

How API’s are shaping the future of banking and international payments

Daniil Saiko August 30, 2018

Payment optimisation continues to be one of the dominating forces in the financial services sector today Historically banks have owned the... read more

3 challenges of payment file upload and how to overcome them

Daniil Saiko May 16, 2018

File upload can be efficient when making international payments, but it also has its drawbacks Let’s take a look… If your business makes... read more

Picking the Right Partners for Fintech Innovation

Daniil Saiko April 18, 2018

Partner Selection for FinTech Innovators The importance of automation and integrated solutions has been the subject of much buzz in the payments... read more

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain Will Transform the Payments Industry

Daniil Saiko March 5, 2018

As the dramatic rise in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grabbed media headlines in 2017, blockchain became something of a buzzword in... read more


Daniil Saiko

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Daniil Saiko is a Director of Technical Sales at Cambridge Global Payments, where he leads global solution architecture and implementation ...

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