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Market Wire:
Fed Runs Out Of Patience, Signals Cuts to Come

Karl Schamotta June 19, 2019

In its latest decision, the Federal Reserve has kept benchmark rates on hold, while suggesting that it stands ready to act in the months ahead if... read more

Market Wire:
Retail Sales Rebound, Reducing Odds on Imminent Interest Rate Cuts

Karl Schamotta June 14, 2019

The Toronto Raptors have won Canada’s first-ever NBA Championship, beating the Golden State Warriors in a tense 114-to-110 game The Canadian dollar... read more

Market Wire:
Jobless Claims Rise, Suggesting Economy Is Losing Momentum

Karl Schamotta June 13, 2019

The number of Americans submitting initial claims for unemployment benefits rose faster-than-expected last week, adding to Friday’s disappointing... read more

Market Wire:
Trump Drops Mexico Tariff Threat, Setting Stage for Market Recovery

Karl Schamotta June 10, 2019

President Trump has announced that the United States will not apply tariffs against goods imported from Mexico, reversing a decision made on May 30th... read more

Market Wire:
Fed Chairman Powell Signals Willingness to Ease Policy – If Needed

Karl Schamotta June 4, 2019

In a closely-watched speech in Chicago this morning, Federal Reserve Chairman provided the second indication that trade uncertainties are pushing the... read more

Market Wire:
Trade Fears Overshadow Data, Keeping Currency Markets Under Pressure

Karl Schamotta May 31, 2019

Stable inflation in the United States and a stronger gross domestic product release in Canada kept relatively-positive fundamental assessments of the... read more


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Karl leads Cambridge’s currency research group, focused on analyzing shifts in the world economy and creating strategies that help businesses ...

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