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Market Wire
US Labor Data Make a “U” Turn

Matt Eidinger December 12, 2019

The US labor market lost some of its shine this morning – at least according to key labor market data and producer inflation numbers According... read more

Market Wire
Trade War Effects Evident in Trade Data

Matt Eidinger December 5, 2019

Fresh trade data on Thursday indicated that the United States’ trade deficit improved slightly in October as a result of falling imports and rising... read more

Market Wire
Strong Data Lifts Dollar

Matt Eidinger November 27, 2019

Americans (and Donald Trump) have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, with incoming data suggesting that the economy continues to perform well... read more

Market Wire
Data Show US Economy on Remains on Solid Ground

Matt Eidinger November 21, 2019

As financial market news takes a backseat to the ongoing Trump impeachment inquiry, key economic data out of the US demonstrated the US economy... read more

Market Wire
Fed Chair, US Data Point to Goldilocks Economy

Matt Eidinger November 14, 2019

Data released by the US Department of Labor (DOL) Thursday and testimony from US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Wednesday tend to confirm the US... read more

Market Wire
US Inflation Fades, Canadian Growth Fumbles Along

Matt Eidinger October 31, 2019

Data this morning indicating that US inflation faded somewhat last month and Canadian growth was mediocre in August provided some validation to the... read more


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