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All The World’s A Stage For (Prudent) FX Risk Management February 28, 2019

Risk has rewards in all parts of life, but especially in business, where shrewd risk-taking and planning accrues to the bottom line In an... read more

Markets Swoon And Risk Looms For Firms’ Cross-Border Commerce October 18, 2018

Whiplash: The stock market — or markets, be it Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index or tech-heavy Nasdaq — is in... read more

Why Farmers Now Care About Hedging Currency Risk September 13, 2018

Farming has always been about risk Bad weather, infestation, speculation: Such factors can not only mean survival or failure for farmers, but impact... read more

Why It’s Time To Stop Making FX The Corporate Earnings Scapegoat August 24, 2018

Consider it the new normal Consider it a rollercoaster ride Consider it a reason to drink, down antacids or aspirin, or crawl under the covers and... read more

Can Digital Payments Reduce Risk For The Seafood Industry? August 17, 2018

The journey of seafood from ocean to table is one of constant danger for the people who make up the fishing industry Refrigeration technology can... read more

Netflix’s Failure With Hedging Provides Lessons For Digital Players July 30, 2018

What’s good for the US dollar was not good for Netflix in the second quarter, and the company’s experience (or lack thereof) with currency... read more


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