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New White Paper:
Risk Management in the World of Foreign Exchange

Cambridge Global Payments September 17, 2018

Use our free guide to understand and explore the factors that make it essential to embrace a risk management strategy for foreign exchange for your... read more

Why Farmers Now Care About Hedging Currency Risk September 13, 2018

Farming has always been about risk Bad weather, infestation, speculation: Such factors can not only mean survival or failure for farmers, but impact... read more

Spotlight with Trevor Brown, Director of Channel Partners, Austin

Michelle Lee September 12, 2018

Tell me about your role I am the Director of Channel Partners within the US Region I build understandings of both new and existing partners’... read more

What on earth is API?
A guide to what it is and isn’t for a person who has never seen a command line

Daniil Saiko September 11, 2018

Many business news sources are crowded these days with articles and white papers on integrations, digital transformations and other technology... read more

Global Payroll – Future trends and driving forces

Darren Barber September 6, 2018

Global organisations will often update and improve their enterprise technology solutions to meet the demands of their workforce, whilst reducing... read more

How API’s are shaping the future of banking and international payments

Daniil Saiko August 30, 2018

Payment optimisation continues to be one of the dominating forces in the financial services sector today Historically banks have owned the... read more


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