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Cambridge Global Payments Channel Partner Program

Cambridge Global Payments August 18, 2020

Scaling a business can be challenging, especially following a year of major global disruption. For organizations to grow and thrive in today’s environment, a strategic vision may not be enough and they may benefit from a trusted partner such as Cambridge Global Payments.

Trusted partners can provide companies with an extended network of payment connections, payment information, and the resources to assist clients achieve their goals.

The Cambridge Global Payments Partnership Team works hard to be a partner that helps to grow you and your clients’ businesses.

The goal of the Cambridge partnership team is to align with business partners and maintain strategic relationships. The Cambridge team is a true combination of inbound and outbound payment management, working with external partners and internal teams to facilitate the accomplishment of shared goals.

Externally, our team is the face of the business for channel partners, building collaborative relationships and driving business growth opportunities for all. Internally, our team supports and works in conjunction with our partners to encourage success

This structure allows the Cambridge leadership team, sales team and partners to work with a strong notion of collaboration within the organization and allows for a transparent view of our partners’ business needs, allowing for customized payments solutions.

The value of strategic partnerships

As an organization, Cambridge favors strategic partnerships to grow a sustainable global payments network, to expand into new verticals and to scale as a business overall.

Cambridge has made a firm commitment to improve our overall structure and approach and committed additional resources that will allow the partnership channel to scale exponentially. As part of this initiative, an expert in channel partner strategies and alliances, Frank Mannarino joined Cambridge this year to do just that.

Under Frank’s leadership, the team has further enhanced Cambridge’s structured channel model to ensure a collaborative approach, focused on growth.  What’s in it for potential partners?

The Cambridge partnership team works hard to ensure that all relationships are mutually beneficial and can add value for both our partners and their clients.

The key benefits can include:

Plan a roadmap to success

At the outset of the relationship between Cambridge and partners, we discuss tailored objectives to ensure clear, mutually agreed targets and commitments.

With a dedicated Channel Manager, Cambridge works closely with partners to ensure alignment on partner-specific strategies to create an understanding of how the two teams will work together to foster a path to success.

Diverse partner models

It’s often assumed that partnerships are two organizations or associations coming together, but this doesn’t always happen.

Cambridge works with various partners, ranging from referral and entry level to strategic long-term integrated partners. The partnership team aligns with our partners’ business objectives and resources in order to help them move forward and maximize their success.

Cambridge referral partners can encompass many sizes, types, and business stages via distinct partner models – from individual consultants to larger organizations looking to monetize and grow further.

In addition to our referral relationships, the Cambridge team also works with integrated business partners, who leverage Cambridge’s suite of RESTful APIs to build out impactful use cases than can complement and help add greater value to our partner’s solution offering, encouraging long-term mutual success. –

Integrated partners are strategic, value-driven collaborators with solid client relationships who are looking to scale and differentiate their business through Cambridge’s, joint-marketing efforts, technology and dedicated resources.

Building trust and growth

Successful partnerships are about building both trust and growth, while allowing two organizations to work towards common goals.

At Cambridge, we work to provide our partners with payment expertise, technology and structure to help meet mutual objectives and grow our businesses together.

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