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Q&A with Corinne MacMillan, Chief Technology Officer, Part II

Don Curren February 27, 2018

How have users of the Cambridge Link platform found it from a user experience perspective?

We’ve had all kinds of feedback, both positive and negative. The reality is many of our clients were very happy with our previous user Interface, and likely not looking to change or learn a new UI.  But at the end of the day, what’s most important is that we continue to listen to our customers and our sales and customer support teams.  Ensuring we have a good intake of information either though interviews or surveys to incorporate into our future development sprints is key.


What is the ultimate vision/mission of Cambridge as it relates to technology over the next 3-5 years?

We often look at key industries we service and think: “What pain point can we solve here?” So if you were to talk with individuals on my team you may find many different visions! But even with that, in all these different use cases we attempt to solve, what Cambridge really does best is FX liquidity and international payment delivery. And based on this idea, our vision really comes down making these two components as transparent as possible and collaborate with new industry players to do so.

Regarding transparency for our customers, our vision is to bring together our clients with their global counterparts in a simple common portal, if you like, where each of these parties can visually see and self-manage all aspects of the international payments, including destination accounts, investigations and more.  And of course, to have a great UX around this transparency on web and mobile, leveraging our Link Mobile App to drive notifications to keep businesses up to date on their payments.

Alongside this, our vision is also to stay collaborative.  As we build new capabilities, we envision enabling our partners with these capabilities and partnering with new players in the payment space to introduce new technologies and rails to deliver payments.


What are some of the new developments and pilots you are currently working on to achieve this vision/mission?

We’ve deployed a module in Link this year offering capabilities for clients to connect with their global counterparts.  We have also just completed some redesign work for our mobile app which is due out around the second quarter of this year to support the notification around transparency.  Lastly, I’ll mention that we are working on a new rule-based engine and connectivity hub that will enable Cambridge to integrate quickly with chosen partners around the globe for payment execution.


What do you feel is you and your team’s biggest achievement(s) over the past five years?

When I got to Cambridge four years ago, the team was small and though the company was just celebrating its 20-year anniversary, the engineering team was quite lean. We needed to put in process and adopt best practices. I’ve driven a lot of change within this team, across these four years and I’m very proud of how accepting – for the most part – my team have been to the changes.

One of the first things that occurred is the adoption of Agile methodologies. Getting up from your desk every morning for daily scrum and working together as a team, versus individually, to complete development stories was a significant change, but was adopted well.  We still continue to roll in new aspects of Agile best practices every year.

Lastly is the re-architecture and re-design of Cambridge Online to Cambridge Link in launch in early 2016.  It was a huge, but necessary undertaking, and was the right strategy and plan for the future of Cambridge.

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