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Q&A with Rhonda Power, SVP, Global Enterprise Management Group
Part Two

Don Curren July 25, 2019

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Q: How overall then would you describe Cambridge’s value proposition and what role does Enterprise play in that?

A: It’s such an interesting question. I will respond with what our clients tells us resonates with them. We have taken a ‘Go to Market’ approach that is inclusive of our client’s entire payment process; we seek to gain efficiencies through integrated technology and expedited payment rails, Risk Management Solutions, and dedicated expertise at every turn. From an Enterprise perspective, we work elbow to elbow on the team to proactively support our clients – they often say that we are a critical extension of their team and work so closely together that they feel they are our only client.  Comments like that make me very happy!

For us on the Enterprise team, a payment really begins once it’s ordered – and it only comes to completion once the beneficiary has received the payment.  There are all kinds of things that can happen in the ahead of that, such as Compliance- or Validation-related queries, or further downstream the payment process.  The Enterprise team is an advocate for our client and will work pre-emptively and exhaustively should additional action be required to a specific payment.

Q: I’ve heard that same theme from other people, that we kind of get into their Treasury Department and become part of their operation in a way.

A: Absolutely. From a Risk Management perspective, we partner with our clients to ensure they have the required information and tools to make informed hedging decisions, thereby protecting and enhancing profitability while mitigating against risk of currency fluctuations.

Q: Morale in your department always seems good. Every time I walk by it seems like people are laughing, or at least smiling. Morale is often an issue for a lot of companies in a lot of departments – how do you manage to achieve that kind of consistency in terms of morale?

A: Thank you! I often talk about energy being infectious, so it’s ideal to focus on the positive things happening; both small and large successes. Our team works in an open concept environment, and it can get very stressful. As one example, due to payment processing cut off times we must balance client expectations with any challenges that arise, to ensure consistent experiences.

Ultimately, we leverage each other’s knowledge and expertise to arrive at the best solution for our clients. Throughout all of it, we are here together and support each other – in the end, if we put in our best effort in good faith, I’m confident we’ll all be successful.  And this has held true throughout my career.  I try to bring a sense of fun to the workplace and I’m very fortunate that my team is not only responsive but often leads the way.

Q: Can you tell me just briefly about some of the backgrounds and skill sets of some of the people on your team?

A: It’s no coincidence that our team hails from about nine countries and speaks several languages. There’s a real cacophony of international flavor that melds together very well.

The multiple languages on the desk also helps us from a post transaction exception management perspective.  For a non-receipt claim, while we follow established protocol using investigation resources, we’ll also jump on the phone and contact the beneficiary bank to attempt to gather additional information and expedite resolution.

The dynamic folks on the Enterprise team come from all kinds of professional backgrounds with various personal experiences – many have spent years as an FX dealer, others have banking operations, international business, sales and support experience.  Collectively, it makes for a positive and dynamic working environment – and the potlucks are delicious!

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say hasn’t been covered? What do you think that’s important that you’d like to throw into the mix?

A: I think proactivity is such a critical component to our success; we are continuing to look for opportunities to engage both internally at Cambridge – and among our global client base and beyond. For example, what is it that we’re doing well today that can resonate with a different vertical market or client segmentation?  We’re always wondering what that looks like and how we can add value to the organization and for our clients as well.

Q: That feeds into one last thing that I wanted to ask.  How do you see the future both for Cambridge and for your area in particular?

A: We have had such significant growth – unprecedented growth – so continuing that trajectory is both exciting and challenging. We continue to listen to our clients and have exceptional talent within the organization that enables us to think creatively about how to solve for problems and also how to leverage technology that moves the dial for our clients.

Keeping our partners at the forefront of our strategy will continue to bode very well for us, and the Enterprise team plays a significant role in this.  Under the Fleetcor umbrella, we have an exceptional opportunity to engage clients in different ways, including introducing them to potentially new and valued offerings.  This includes collaboration with Comdata and we are already in discussions with many partners about their unique card programs. If we remain aligned with our priorities and continue to look for opportunities that speak to our strengths, we’ll be in great shape.