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Spotlight with Danielle Crowe, Marketing Manager, Toronto

Michelle Lee August 14, 2018

Tell me about your role and how it supports Cambridge’s mission?

In my role as Marketing Manager, I am responsible for ensuring that day-to-day customer communication and the company’s visual and verbal branding properly reflect the personality, image and message we wish to communicate to the marketplace. In a nutshell, anything that has Cambridge’s logo on it, from our marketing collateral and brochures, to the website, customer-facing content, advertising, stationary and legal documentation, I am responsible for. In addition, I also provide marketing support to outreach events like tradeshows, seminars, and webinars, digital onboarding initiatives, lead generation and customer upsell initiatives. Essentially, it’s my job to make sure that customers, prospects, employees and the marketplace all have the same positive experience of Cambridge as a corporate community.

How long have you’ve been at Cambridge?

I’ve been at Cambridge for eight and a half years. I started part-time as a telemarketer, back when we had telemarketers. After I started working full time, I got promoted to a business development role. After working in business development for a short time, I saw an opportunity to potentially join the Marketing team. At the time, there was only one junior position in the marketing department, as opposed to the half-dozen we have today. The woman who worked in that marketing position was leaving Cambridge, so I went into (Cambridge founder) Bernard Heitner’s office and asked if I could have the job. I had absolutely no idea what the work entailed, but after he explained it to me, it sounded like it was up my alley. He hired me that day!

Have you always known that you wanted to work in marketing?

No, not even a little bit. As I’m sure we all do, I had changed my mind a hundred times over the course of my life. I went to school for something totally different, and experimented endlessly with various courses and part time jobs in different industries. Being in marketing was a total accident. I started working at Cambridge part time during my last year of university, and the rest is history.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

How much freedom I have to be creative. I get to work with the marketing team to develop new and improved ways to market Cambridge’s products and solutions, and I have a very sound amount of autonomy running the day-to-day activities of the marketing team. I’ve gotten to know the Cambridge brand’s personality like one gets to know a person, and I have had the pleasure of being able to mold that personality to position the company in the best possible light.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Prioritizing the work – pleasing all of our stakeholders. There’s always exciting new projects and work to be done, and there is never enough time in a day to do it all. We have to sometimes prioritize short-term, immediate needs over larger big picture marketing initiatives, but that’s slowly changing. We’re working towards a more proactive and project-based model in our department as opposed to being reactionary. And of course, I don’t always get to prioritize my favourite projects.

What is your philosophy on life?

Personally, I’ve found the most success in life at the times I’ve felt most uncomfortable. So I always try to put myself in challenging, difficult positions wherever I can, because I feel like I grow most as an individual during those times. I also try very hard not to complain about the small things.

Before working at Cambridge, what was the most unusual job you had?

I worked in a zoo for a little while. That was interesting, we had an office wallaby. He had a little hammock in the office and we would feed him out of a bottle!

Do you have any passion projects on the side?

I love to travel, and try to make sure I visit at least one new country per year. I also enjoy working on creative marketing projects outside of the office! I’ve done work for a few family members and friends, and I’ve also done the designs for a few book covers. This year I’m starting to take flying lessons as well!

What is the best book you have ever read?

I don’t read a heck of a lot of fiction, so does National Geographic count? I might be one of the last people to subscribe to a print magazine, but I do love theirs.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in marketing?

Put in more work than you think you need to. Do more drafts of something, stay at work later until you’ve earned your spot, re-read something several times, and get that one extra opinion or set of eyes on your work. Learn to be creative – contrary to what people think, it’s a soft skill that can be learned. If you want to work for a marketing agency, be prepared to be able to multitask, and work long hours. To work in-house somewhere like Cambridge, having something unique to bring to the table, whether it’s a soft skill, a technical skill or even just the ability to be a more creative writer than others. Most importantly, however, to be successful at whatever role in marketing you choose, is wanting to be at your job each day!