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Streamline cross-border payments

Simplify the way you connect with the global marketplace. Our world-class trading platform and integrated payment solutions can be customized to your unique business requirements.

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Manage currency risk

Protect your business against unpredictable currency fluctuations. Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of the global marketplace.

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Global payments. Simplified.

Handle all your payment and currency needs on a single platform. Complete payments from point A to point B in a few simple steps.


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Payment Solutions

Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

Time and money are two resources small- and mid-sized enterprises can’t afford to waste. We help simplify your payments process and maximize your resources.


Cross-border payments don’t have to be complicated. Our expertise helps you streamline your process, while ensuring your payments are made quickly and accurately.

Invoice Automation

Save time by processing international payments directly from invoices, spreadsheets or documents and improve your overall accounts payable process.

Integrated Payments

As your trusted partner, we help solve the challenges of processing payments, enabling you to create, integrate, service, and scale a world-class currency and payments offering.

Currency Risk Management

Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

Foreign exchange movements can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to effectively protect your cash flows – helping your business grow internationally.


We work with you to develop a deep understanding of how your business operates and help you execute a strategy to reduce foreign exchange exposure, potentially enhancing participation in favorable moves.


If your organization wants to enhance its product offering with cross-border payment and risk management capabilities or processes transactions on behalf of customers, we can help you grow strategically.

Industry Solutions

What our clients say

A commitment to excellence

Matt Cenedella, CFO

“Cambridge Global Payments continues to provide the WTA and its members with professional and timely service and results. We are pleased to be working with Cambridge Global Payments – a company that understands our business needs and delivers the highest quality of service to our members.”

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Insights and tools to ensure our needs are met

Amanda Cassel, Canada General Manager

"Cambridge maintains regular communication to keep us updated on monthly results of hedges and they provide great insight to industry news that helps us make appropriate decisions for our company’s currency needs. I look forward to the Cambridge Team’s monthly summaries and quarterly messages, they give us the tools we need to ensure our hedging strategy continues to meet our need."

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Global payments, made local

At Cambridge, we make global payments local. With settlement options to more than 200 countries, we make it easy for your business to move money virtually anywhere in the world. There are no cumbersome limits on your minimum or maximum transaction amounts.

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