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FOREX-Yen slips as global tensions abate, pound gains

Published on Reuters September 5, 2019

The pound rose to its highest level against the dollar in more than a month on hopes that a no-deal Brexit would be avoided.

“Funding currencies are in retreat on a ratcheting down of tensions on a global basis,” said Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments in Toronto, to Reuters. Read the article here:

Bank of Canada appears more confident in the strength of the economy

Published on 680 News September 5, 2019

Cambridge’s Sean Coakley saidIf we look at today’s report where more or less they decided to stay pat and the resulting news release that came along with it, we can see that the Bank of Canada was much more confident in the strength of the Canadian economy, irrespective of the developments of what we have seen outside of the Canadian economy.”

Listen to it here:


BoC will be compelled to move once consumer sentiment falls: Market strategist

Published on New news source September 4, 2019

Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments, joins BNN Bloomberg to weigh in on the Bank of Canada’s latest policy announcement. Watch the video here:

Canada’s GDP shows ‘worrisome’ weakness in business investment: Strategist

Published on BNN Bloomberg August 30, 2019

Karl Schamotta (@vsualst) appeared on BNN Bloomberg to discuss Canada’s second-quarter GDP data. Watch the video here:

Libra Needs Facebook Users to Help Break Into $714 Billion Payments Market

Published on Bloomberg August 27, 2019

Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments, told Bloomberg that even though Facebook’s Libra would be a unified currency, “each country in the world has idiosyncratic regulatory regimes, fragmented banking standards, and a whole lot of things that throw sand in the gears that prevents the smooth transfer of money.” Read the full article here:

C$ trims earlier gains as the greenback rallies on Fed minutes

Published on Financial Post August 21, 2019

“The Canadian dollar and other major currencies are selling off in response to a lowering of odds of further monetary easing from the Federal Reserve,” said Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Payments. But “the inflation data this morning is underpinning the rally that we’ve seen.” Read the Financial Post article here:


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