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Yen slips, sterling surges after surprise hold from Bank of England

Published on Reuters | July 14, 2016

Post Bank of England decision to hold interest rates, Scott Smith comments with Dion Rabouin Learn more in...

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Poloz Won’t Add Canada to Global Easing Chorus. Here’s Why

Published on Bloomberg Markets | July 12, 2016

Scott Smith says a BoC rate cut would just add fuel to the fire “You get the potential to see those overheated housing markets in Vancouver and...

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C$ stronger as oil rises, attention turns to Bank of Canada

Published on Reuters | July 12, 2016

Cambridge’s Market Strategist Scott Smith comments on main drivers for the loonie Read more in Reuters:...

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U.K. divorce good for the loonie so far

Published on BNN | July 4, 2016

Scott Smith, Regional Director of Hedging Solutions joins in studio with Paul Bagnell on BNN to discuss the impact Brexit is having on global...

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These markets believe Brexit fears are overdone — for now

Published on CNBC | June 29, 2016

Karl Schamotta comments “Broadly the financial markets are not convinced you’re going to see a disillusion of the euro area If anything, more...

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C$ weakens to 3-week low as Brexit shockwaves weigh

Published on Reuters | June 27, 2016

“More blood-letting in the market and as such the Canadian dollar is tracking the movement of oil and other risk-correlated assets,” Scott Smith...

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What Brexit Could Mean for Your Business

Published on Profit Guide | June 24, 2016

Five ways the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union could affect your company Karl Schamotta...

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Canadian dollar loses a penny, TSX sheds 150 points after Britons vote to Brexit Europe

Published on CBC News | June 24, 2016

“I suspect that we’ll see something of a retracement through the day as traders step back from the knee-jerk reactions that characterized markets...

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Yen Surges Past 100 per Dollar as U.K. Vote Spurs Rush to Safety

Published on Bloomberg | June 24, 2016

Karl Schamotta tells Bloomberg’s Lananh Nguyen the “yen is already seeing a huge bid, that need for safety might persist all the way through...

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FX Market sees Extreme Movement

Published on BNN | June 24, 2016

FX market sees extreme movement Schamotta joined Catherine Murray to discuss the FX fallout following Brexit vote:...

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Economic Fallout from Brexit

Published on CBC The Exchange | June 24, 2016

Stock markets and currencies have tumbled in the wake of Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU Karl Schamotta joined with Ian Russell, from the...

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Brexit Impact

Published on CBC - The Exchange | June 23, 2016

As polls come to a close in the UK Karl Schamotta joined Peter Armstrong on CBC’s The Exchange to discuss a potential Brexit:...

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