Payment Solutions

Features and benefits

Whether you’re managing a growing supply chain and roster of partners or a multinational company looking to keep up with real-time demands, our integrated platform and payment solutions can support all your needs.

Simplify your workflow

Smooth payment process

Make international payments as easy as domestic payments. Initiate and execute payments in as few steps as possible, while complying with your internal controls and fraud protection measures

Execute mass payments

Make mass payments using our file integration process or import payments directly from your ERP/CRM systems to save time and help reduce your manual work, while minimizing processing errors

Customize your payment workflows

Tailor your payment workflow to accommodate payment approvals while helping you create and maintain control measures

Streamline your payments process

Extensive data validation

Banking and regulatory requirements for all payees you can pay through us are validated prior to sending payments to reduce the risk of errors and exceptions

Multi-currency holding balances

Optimize your treasury practices and reduce currency exposure by maintaining a balance in multiple currencies

Multi-enterprise model

Streamline accounts payable within globally distributed subsidiaries and business units

Gain transparency in FX trading

Extend your reach

Complete payments in more than 145 currencies to more than 200 countries

Gain clarity on FX rates

Manage your FX risk by locking in exchange rates when you make a transaction rather than when the contract is due, thus insulating your business from unfavorable exchange rate volatility

Real-time pricing

Work with live, accurate currency quotes to control costs