Payment Solutions

The world at your fingertips

Making a payment is easy – getting it to its destination in a timely fashion for full value can be the hard part. Our payment technology takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business. Cambridge Link is an intuitive trading and payments platform that can connect you with more than 200 correspondent banks and counterparties all over the world.

Cambridge Link

Our highly secure platform includes robust encryption, dual-factor authentication and built-in anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud measures to augment your existing risk reduction measures. By integrating the platform directly to your existing systems or enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, Cambridge Link will save you time and provide transparency into your payments. Our highly scalable platform allows you to focus on the services you need today and add capabilities and value-added solutions as your business grows and your needs evolve.

Simple and convenient

  • Purchase your currency and execute payments in a few easy steps
  • Mobile interface allows you to complete currency purchases and payments wherever your business may take you
  • Approve your high value payments on-the-go using the Link mobile app

Accuracy and transparency

  • Direct connectivity to industry standard, streaming market data ensures access to real-time quotes
  • Gain transparency into currency rates and settlement amounts before committing to your transaction
  • Leverage our payment formatting guide, which details each currency and country we process payments to globally
  • Intuitive country-specific payment validation tools to help you adhere to all cross-border currency regulations and payment formats to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your funds

Integrate to accounting systems, ERP systems and proprietary platforms

  • Import your payments information from your ERP or other systems directly to Cambridge Link
  • Reduce your manual workload by automating the payment process
  • Integrate reconciliation data providing rates of exchange and local equivalents to your systems to complete the accounting process

Discuss your needs with one of our consultants

Cambridge API

Our application programing interface (API) solution extends all the capabilities of the user interface (UI) solution to our partners and clients. The suite enables companies to create a rich payment experience for users, ranging from simple back-end payment engines to standalone payment portals and mobile payment solutions.

Our API solution has been implemented across the globe by organizations of all sizes – from the trading floors of Tier 1 banks to the web platforms of Silicon Valley start-ups. It is a time- and volume-tested FX and payments engine with a RESTful interface to support rapid development and prototyping.


  • RESTful API driven solution designed to integrate into your ecosystem to increase productivity, enhance the user experience and scale for future growth
  • Enterprise-grade API with consistent large payment and trade volumes with years of market experience in regions across the globe
  • Multi-threading and high transactions per second allows you to efficiently process high-volume transactions

Rapid Development

  • Prepare for your production environment via sandbox for development, QA and ongoing integration testing
  • Leverage an experienced team of solution specialists to assist you with integration, and engage with your product and development teams to minimize resources required
  • Modern three panel web-based documentation with response examples and rich error handling

Service and Support

  • Three-tiered technology support model with commitment to highly available uptime and transparency
  • Project management support and dedicated resources to secure stakeholder alignment and successful project implementation
  • Work with experienced specialists who focus on your industry and understand your business needs