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Global Exchange invites you to attend a brief 30-minute webinar on innovative technologies for improving the international payment process – from invoice receipt to reconciliation.  As a business of Cambridge Global Payments, Global Exchange can fully integrate the complete payment process.  This revolutionary Invoice Automation Solution blends the various steps of the complex payment process into a custom workflow solution for any size organization.

We have the unique ability to process directly from invoices and internal documents, extract data, and integrate real-time competitive exchange rates seamlessly – all while having the ability to remit international payments anytime.  This innovative ONEStep solution streamlines the invoice-to-payment workflow into a fully integrated process.

Discussion topics include:

  • Cambridge & Global Exchange FULL SERVICE payment solution
  • The international payment and invoice lifecycle
  • Documents, data entry & payments workflow
  • Exchange rates, adjustments & systems integration
  • Compliance & security
  • Increase return on AP spend
  • Desktop access

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